Church of God in Christ, Mennonite

For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid which is Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11


Sometimes cares and the busyness of life tend to overtake and dull our Christian lives. Then God needs to reach down to help us get the right perspective again. Such seemed to have been the case for me—there was so much I needed to get done, and so much I wanted to get done every day that it was difficult to even take time for my devotions. Then one night I had a dream.

It seemed so real and sobering to me. In my dream, I was in a school setting with a group of others waiting for someone to come and have devotions with us. Suddenly we saw a man who had passed away within the last year in our congregation walk past the doorway. He had been someone loved by all, and there was never a doubt in anyone’s mind about his salvation. We were so excited to see him once again. We thought he was gone, but someone ran out and asked him to please come in. I can see him still in the doorway. He had such a peacefulness about him. His smile was so very calm and happy! He sat down with us and said, “Let me tell you about the journey I’ve been on.” How I wish I remembered what all he said after that, but I do know it was about the wonderful peace and joy he had experienced after death. After a while he said good bye and left the room.

We were still sitting there, and someone else entered. This time it was a friend who has left the Lord, and in this dream, she had died. She sat down, and we visited with her. A terrible sadness filled her words. She told of the journey she had been on since her death—a terrible lonely unrest. Someone asked if she could at least meet up with others, but she said, no, much of her wandering was above the ocean with no one close, and she named unearthly sounding names of the furthest points that she could not get past. She never said it, but in all our hearts we knew hell awaited her, and she knew it, too. At first, she was calm, but as she visited, she began weeping uncontrollably and finally writhing on the floor in agony. An awful sadness was there. It was too late; there was nothing anyone could do.

Then I woke up. As I lay there thinking of my dream and praying, I thought of all the things I had planned to get done the next day, and suddenly it became crystal clear that those tasks were in two categories. One category was highest priority, and the other was things that seemed to have suddenly lost importance in the light of eternity. Also, I was thankful that the friend I had dreamed about was still in the day of grace, and I could pray for her.

Let us all make sure steps for heaven.

Messenger of Truth, 2017, No. 10