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Gospel Publishers Books

About Gospel Publishers


Gospel Publishers is the denominational agency that publishes and distributes Bibles, hymnals, doctrinal study material, and many wholesome and edifying books.

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Books from Gospel Publishers


  • Christian Hymnal, hardcover, 657 songs, the hymnal used in church worship services
  • Gospel Hymns for Worship, 225 songs, an additional hymnal used in worship services
  • Evangelistic Selections from Christian Hymnal, paperback, 161 songs

We carry songbooks by PrairieView Press, including

  • Christian Endeavor Songs, Books 1, 2, & 3
  • Inspirational Songs for Men, Books 1, 2, & 3

We carry many other song books by Geraldine Koehn, Loren Burns, and many other contemporary song writers from our denomination.

Other books:

  • Beautiful Girlhood, by Mable Hale, a book encouraging girls to seek inner beauty and practice good manners and lady-like graces.
  • Happiness for Our Hearts and Homes, by Marjorie Hiebert, a book for wives and mothers. In its ninth printing.
  • Selected Editorials, a book of excellent essays, taken from Reuben Koehn’s editorials from his 40 years of serving as editor of the Messenger of Truth.
  • Christian Home Cookbook, in its eleventh printing. Uses common ingredients and produces good cooking!

We carry many other cookbooks including Kitchen Treasures from PrairieView Press, Country Recipes from Friends and Family. These two continue selling like classics.

Other books of interest:

  • 102 Devotional Sermonettes
  • Through the Scent of Water
  • Threads from His Hem
  • Five Loaves and Two Small Fishes
  • Restitution
  • A Mirror of Baptism

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