Ye Must Be Born Again

YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN Jesus tells us that the gates of heaven are closed to us unless we are born again. Therefore we ask: Friend, are you born again? Church member, are you born again? If not, then you are lost. For Jesus says, “. . . Except a man be born again, he […]

What Is It All About?

I started out in life so carefree and happy. I was like a little butterfly with beautiful wings and a world of flowers to see. Life seemed wonderful as I looked to the future.It didn’t take long and my views changed. I realized I had to perform to be accepted. Life seemed like a circus. […]

The Room

In the Holy Bible we read, “And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works” (Revelation 20:12). This […]

The Battle of Your Soul

(Saved or Lost) In the large city of Paris, France, stands a monument erected to the memory of General Napoleon. In the closing years of the eighteenth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century he became a feared man in Europe. His famous victories in battle and impressive conquests reached to such an extent […]

The Answer to Your Problems

Do you have feelings of loneliness, or a sense of guilt and fear deep inside your heart? Do you wonder about the purpose of your life? Many people are trying to find the answer to these feelings. You may find entertainments or other activities that may relieve you of these feelings for a short time, […]

The Answer For You

Do you know that there is Someone Who knows everything about you? Jesus, God’s Son knows everything that you have ever done. He created the world and everything in it. He knows the past, present, and future. He loves you and came to this world to save you from sin. He has a plan for […]

Repentance – Door of Mercy

Repentance: Door of Mercy Do you know that man has been found guilty of sin by a Holy God, and sentenced to death? If he is to escape this eternal death and be eternally saved, he must receive God’s mercy. Mercy in this respect is God withholding from man the penalty which he deserves. But […]

Peace of Mind In a Troubled World

Peace of Mind In a Troubled World “Peace, where is peace-for our nations, our homes, and most of all our hearts and minds?” The agonizing cry has echoed down through the ages, but it is heard with increasing intensity as the world becomes progressively more tempest-tossed and panic-stricken. Is it also the cry of your […]

List of available Gospel Tracts

The following are available upon request for personal use and distribution. English Tracts Abiding in God’s Grace After Death Alcohol—Have You Counted the Cost? Answer to Your Problems, The Are We to Judge? Are You Forgiven? Are You Safe? Are You Saved—Do You Know? Avoiding Deception Baptism Battle of Your Soul, The Beard, The Best Story […]

Heaven – Your Future Home?

What About Your Future? Who can think about the future without considering whether there is another existence after this life? Man cannot escape the thoughts of his state after death, but is inclined to put them out of his mind. He busies himself with the things of this life, placing thoughts of death, heaven, and […]