Church of God in Christ, Mennonite

For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid which is Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11

The Promises of God

The promises of God to man recorded in the Bible have been tallied by students as 7,487! Our subject, then, is so vast that it is quite impossible to study it in depth. Let us, however, “feed” for awhile on His precious promises, and we will be thrilled to see anew the magnitude of the riches of His grace. And to think they are available to every believer!
God’s promises to man are not expressed in vague or general terms. They are simply and clearly stated and leave no doubt as to their meaning. Though many of them are written in some of the most beautiful literature, they are not couched in complex, mystifying language. We do not need to decipher all kinds of riddles to discover the true meaning of His promises. If there is any doubt about them, it lies in our own hearts.
The promises of God are sure. Human promises often result in disappointment. Often the promisor, due to circumstances beyond his control, is quite unable to perform what he has promised. But we can be confident that this will never apply to the promises of God. With Him “all things are possible.”
One proverb states that there are “no greater promisors than those who have nothing to give.” God, however, is the greatest Promisor and He has everything to give. Nothing can stand in the way of fulfillment of any promise He has made.
We must remember that God is only bound to fulfill any given promise in His own sense, and not in any sense which others may attach to the promise. Many have misunderstood and misapplied His promises and have been sadly disappointed. The fault here is entirely human, for God cannot be held accountable for our mistakes.
For an example of this, we can look at the Jews of long ago. They had the clearly defined prophecies of the coming Messiah for many generations, yet when He appeared, they did not recognize Him. They had formed so many misconceptions of these prophecies, that when He came as a baby born in a stable, they were disappointed and would not accept Him.
God’s Word is certain. Just as we can be sure of any good that God has promised to the faithful, any evil He has promised to the disobedient will so come to pass.
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