Church of God in Christ, Mennonite

For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid which is Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11


There have been some remarkable changes in the field of psychology in the last fifteen years, and changes are continuing at a rapid pace. Many older doctors continue to cling to the past principles, but with time, the new approach will become more universal. One of the new principles involves recognizing the effects of the parents and parenting practices. This is a set of ideas called attachment, which manifests itself in four distinct emotional forms of response to stress. For those interested in understanding human responses to stress, studying attachment principles can give significant guidance and enlightenment. Unfortunately, however, history repeats itself, and God has been left out of the picture. This places a major block between needy mankind and a beautiful solution that God has always had for everyday life problems.

It is true that much of our emotional structure is shaped in our childhood, and mostly by our parents. In some individuals, a lack of attachment (mostly to the mother) may result in unusual anxiety or rejection of social interaction. Correction or redirection of this problem is not the subject of this discussion. Instead, our purpose here is to discuss the state and correction of any person who has arrived or is beyond the initial age of accountability.

Man was created by God and for God. It is obvious when seeing God’s plan for man (through a glass darkly) that He has great things in mind for us well beyond the veil of this earth. It is also obvious that he intended man to be very reliant on Him, and this is built into the entire makeup of that person’s life on this earth. Basically, man was not created as an entity that could survive without God; in other words, man was not created as a god. When the Creator is left out of the picture, the created is left in a dismal state.

The answer simply lies in the act of surrender to God and His plan and will for man. He is to be totally reliant on God, totally surrendered to whatever comes, and yet striving to do the best he can for himself and others. After accepting God’s plan and receiving a new-birth experience, he must now proceed to let God completely control his life. Some life decisions are left to his discretion; some are a definite part of God’s unique plan for each person. Every major direction should be brought to God as a petition to know His will. God seldom speaks directly in these matters, but He directs, first of all, through His Word. As a person’s will is surrendered and his continuous seeking of God’s will is practiced (pray all the time, Luke 21:36), he will find that the Holy Spirit will guide him (Prov. 1:23Joel 2:28Acts 2:17). This kind of Godly connection comes only with faith and surrender. When this connection is practiced in all of our life, our relationship with Him will grow more than we ever expected.

Thus, God intended that we be devoted to Him, connected to Him, and reliant on Him. When this is not the case, we are left to ourselves and find that there is no God for our daily needs. No wonder that we are unattached! This condition will manifest itself as extreme anxiousness, severe dismissal, or extreme denial. Many in this situation have concluded, “I just don’t fit in.” Then God allows this person to proceed in life, struggling to find out that he really is not a very good god. Although many will not admit it, the main emotion that accompanies this situation is insecurity. True security is found only in God. When we are fully surrendered to him, even death is acceptable! If God is our security, and we are willing for whatever He brings, He will have mercy on us and provide for us. As we have often heard, “Christ is the Answer.”

Many of those who struggle with “attachment problems” have an extra measure of mental gifts. These gifts are almost useless if without God. If you are one of these, take that step of faith that God is asking of you and let Him steer your ship. God has special plans for you. He has created you just the way He wanted and has a special assignment just for you. Because of His patience and mercy, He will wait for you to respond right up until the judgment bar. You may not even discover in this life why your situation is the way it is. Please be assured that only God knows what you are really good at, and He has a plan!

From Messenger of Truth, Vol. 115, No. 3, February 1, 2017