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  • Christian Hymnal, hardcover, 657 songs, US$14.00
  • Evangelistic Selections from Christian Hymnal, paperback, 161 songs, US$4.00

We carry songbooks by PrairieView Press, including

  • Christian Endeavor Songs, Books 1, 2, & 3
  • Inspirational Songs for Men, Books 1, 2, & 3


We carry many other song books by Geraldine Koehn, Loren Burns, and many other contemporary song writers from our denomination.


Other books:


  • Beautiful Girlhood, by Mable Hale, a book encouraging girls to seek inner beauty and practice good manners and lady-like graces.
    • Hardcover, 167 pages, US$7.50
  • Happiness for Our Hearts and Homes, by Marjorie Hiebert, a book for wives and mothers. In its ninth printing.
    • Hardcover, 229 pages, US$8.95
  • Selected Editorials, a book of excellent essays, taken from Reuben Koehn’s editorials from his 40 years of serving as editor of the Messenger of Truth.
    • Hardcover, 642 pages, US$15.50
  • Christian Home Cookbook, in its eleventh printing! Uses common ingredients and produces good cooking!
    • Hardcover, 399 pages, US$12.00

We carry many other cookbooks including Kitchen Treasures from PrairieView Press, Country Recipes from Friends and Family. These two continue selling like classics!


Other books of interest:

  • 102 Devotional Sermonettes
  • Through the Scent of Water
  • Threads from His Hem
  • Five Loaves and Two Small Fishes
  • Restitution
  • A Mirror of Baptism


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