The Lord has been speaking to me about my place as a woman, a wife, and a mother. There is also a little feeling that I should write these impressions and share them with you.

Modern women are encouraged to push for success. They are told to be self-confident, assertive, and bold. To stay home and assume the responsibility of keeping house and caring for children is considered weak, unfair, and a wasting of talent.


The Law of Life and Death

When Almighty God created the heavens and the earth, He made them to operate in an orderly and predictable way. To assure this order, He made His creation subject to natural and physical laws. He established the law of gravity, the law of day and night, and the law of the seasons. These rules, and many others, are built into the very nature of the universe. Indeed, our world could not operate without them. In everything we do, we acknowledge these laws; we order our work according to their forces.


Who or What Rules?

In a recent conversation with what one might call a concerned, but disenchanted Anabaptist (or Mennonite, if you wish), the current state of affairs among the collective Anabaptist scene in North America was discussed. He made a rather disquieting and thought-provoking comment. He said, “Materialism has taken over.” What do you think—has it? Does this friend have a talking point? What about us—how do we rate?


Jesus Loves Me

“Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” I remember the first time when the words of this song deeply impressed me. I was sitting in church with our first little newborn baby while we sang this little chorus. Suddenly I was struck with an overwhelming sense of awe at the vastness of God’s love for my baby and me. That God can have such a deep love for my baby and for us imperfect people is hard to grasp.


Magnify the Lord

“And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord” (Luke 1:46).

When the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she would be with child, she had questions. How could it be when she was yet a virgin? She accepted Gabriel’s answer to her question. She also accepted as truth the incredible news from Gabriel that her cousin Elizabeth was with child.



“But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings” (Mal. 4:2). God’s prophet, Malachi, spoke to a people well acquainted with heartache. He told them of One whose coming would be like the rising of the morning sun. As sunlight restores and reinvigorates all living things, so the rays of light from the Sun of righteousness would warm and heal those who would look to Him. Today, Malachi’s words speak again to those who carry life’s heavy load.


Does God Exist? And is the Bible True?

Has there ever been a time in your life when you looked out into the universe and wondered, “Is there really a God out there?” In April 2001, through a series of strange circumstances, a certain man found himself speaking at an atheist convention. The audience of 250 was reasonably polite until he made the statement that the Bible was filled with scientific and medical facts, written several thousands of years before man discovered them. The reaction was one of immediate and unified mockery.




The creation gives us a glimpse of the Creator. It is as if we are looking through a glass darkly. No man has seen God, but when we consider His creation, we see, in part, what He has done and what He is capable of doing.

Our understanding is so limited. Our brain cannot, to the smallest degree, begin to comprehend itself. It is so extremely complex that it alone speaks of an awesome Creator.