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Inspirational Articles

The Law of Life and Death

When Almighty God created the heavens and the earth, He made them to operate in an orderly and predictable way. To assure this order, He made His creation subject to natural and physical laws. He established the law of gravity, the law of day and night, and the law of the seasons. These rules, and many others, are built into the very nature of the universe. Indeed, our world could not operate without them. In everything we do, we acknowledge these laws; we order our work according to their forces.


Who or What Rules?

In a recent conversation with what one might call a concerned, but disenchanted Anabaptist (or Mennonite, if you wish), the current state of affairs among the collective Anabaptist scene in North America was discussed. He made a rather disquieting and thought-provoking comment. He said, “Materialism has taken over.” What do you think—has it? Does this friend have a talking point? What about us—how do we rate?