Church of God in Christ, Mennonite

For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid which is Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11

List of available Gospel Tracts

The following are available upon request for personal use and distribution.

English Tracts

  1. Abiding in God’s Grace
  2. After Death
  3. Alcohol—Have You Counted the Cost?
  4. Answer to Your Problems, The
  5. Are We to Judge?
  6. Are You Forgiven?
  7. Are You Safe?
  8. Are You Saved—Do You Know?
  9. Avoiding Deception
  10. Baptism
  11. Battle of Your Soul, The
  12. Beard, The
  13. Best Story to Know, The
  14. Bible Teaching on Hell
  15. Biblical Guide to Salvation, A
  16. Birth of Christ, The
  17. Challenge to Choose Rightly, A
  18. Chapters of Pure Gold
  19. Characteristics of the Self-Life
  20. Christ’s PeaceableKingdom on Earth
  21. Christian Women’s Devotional Head Covering
  22. Christian’s Manner of Dress, The
  23. Church Built on Truth, The
  24. Church—The Fellowship of True Christian Believers, The
  25. Come See
  26. Coming of the Lord Will Be Soon, The
  27. Communication With God
  28. Cross of Christ Divides Between, The
  29. Day of Rest, The
  30. Deliverance From Tobacco
  31. Doctrines—Do We Need Them?
  32. Entertainment, Amusements, Fun
  33. Eternal Salvation
  34. Eternity
  35. Evidence of Personal Salvation
  36. Forty-Eight Hours in Hell
  37. Free from Fear
  38. Get Me That Book
  39. God’s Plan
  40. God’s Wonderful Plan of Salvation
  41. Happy Home, A
  42. Have A Good Day
  43. Have You Heard—It’s for You!
  44. Heaven—Your Future Home?
  45. Hell—Destiny of the Doomed
  46. Hidden Cry, The
  47. Holy Spirit, The
  48. How Honest Are You?
  49. How To Get Out of Prison
  50. Is There a God?
  51. Jesus Christ Is Coming Again
  52. Just a Little Drink—Why Not?
  53. Justification
  54. Life Worth Living
  55. Listen! Who Is That Calling You?
  56. Look That Healed, The
  57. Lost Soul on Judgment Morning, A
  58. Love
  59. Love of Jesus, The
  60. New TestamentChurch, The
  61. Nonresistance
  62. One and Only True God—Do You Know Him? The
  63. Our Supreme God-Loving, Eternal, Caring
  64. Peace, Freedom, and Happiness
  65. Peace of Mind in a Troubled World
  66. Powers of Darkness, The
  67. Prince of Peace, The
  68. Repentance, a Godly Sorrow for Sin
  69. Repentance—Door of Mercy
  70. Responsibility of Parents, The
  71. Room, The
  72. Search For God—How Can I Find Him?
  73. Security in Christ
  74. Sin of Immorality, The
  75. Sincere But Mistaken
  76. Statement of the Christian Doctrines of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, A
  77. Teach Us To Pray
  78. Television Set, The
  79. Testimony on Peace, A
  80. True Repentance
  81. What about Drugs, Alcohol and Immorality?
  82. What Is It All About?
  83. What Must I Do to Be Saved?
  84. Which Choice Will You Make?
  85. Who Is Your Master?
  86. Why Must I Suffer?
  87. Woman’s Role in the Plan of God, The
  88. Worship Without Musical Instruments
  89. Ye Must Be Born Again
  90. Your Life—Recorded!

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