Darkness descends; the night begins—the time when the problems of the day seem to increase in intensity. When there is sickness, the fever rises; the pain gets more intense. The lonely seem lonelier. The sorrow of the sorrowing gets much heavier. Hopes and dreams shatter, the pieces seemingly never to be picked up. Frustrations mount, anxieties increase, the perplexities of life reach overwhelming proportions.

The cry is heard, “Help me make it through the night.” The great escape begins—alcohol, drugs, and other sources are grasped to block out the night. Then the night passes, the sun shines forth, a new day dawns, and the light gives life the right perspective. But as the sun arose, it will soon set, and once again darkness will settle in.

But this night you can have light. Just ask Jesus Christ to come on the scene. He loves you, regardless of who you are, where you have been, or what you have done, He is concerned with what concerns you. He is our sun who brings warmth into our lives. He brings hope and peace—the answer. His Light never goes out, never again, if you have Jesus as your personal Savior. Must you walk the road of life with your face turned toward the west where darkness soon comes? Look toward the east and let the Son shine in.


Messenger of Truth, 2016, No. 18